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"I started to visit and paint on the roof top of the Majlis Gallery, a thriving meeting place for artists of all kinds and where new talent is nurtured. It was an honour to be asked to become a regular exhibitor and The New Orientalist show in December 2017 still remains one of my proudest moments.”  - Michael F. Rumsby

"Orientalism" is widely used in art to refer to the works of the many, mostly European, 19th century artists, who specialized in "Oriental" subjects. They travelled mainly as addendums to larger groups of archeologists, scientists, traders and explorers, hired initially in these pre photography days to record the sights and general exotica of the Levant eventually travelling onward into the Middle and Far East.

The early works of many of the artists in this catalogue are already of great historical importance. Paintings from before the camel track moved down the Al Ain road before the Souk and the Bastakiya were restored, when Jumeira Beach was wild and goats roamed the streets of Bur Dubai. These artists are just one more step in the long tradition of Orientalism and in time will be equally collectable.

"The gallery's vision was and still is to bring to the UAE artists of international repute, we call them the New Orientalists.
We support them and National artists in their exploration and interpretation of the Middle East, into visual forms."

- Alison Collins, Founder of The Majlis Gallery

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