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This collection take us on the very personal journey of a young man trapped in childhood and young adulthood where the social barriers of the '80s and '90s in rural England were too great to cross. - Michael F. Rumsby

More than 250 of London's finest turned out to soak up the party atmosphere in Mayfair for the opening of Vive ut Vivas.  The event, hosted by Clarendon Fine Art and Attitude Magazine raised much needed funds for the Attitude Magazine Foundation in support of LGBTQ+ causes.  In particular, I asked that funds be channelled Switchboard LGBTQ+ who do such wonderful work across the UK to help those in need of a listening ear and a bit of direction in life.


The collection uses elements of the natural world to represent barriers to progression - trees and woodland in particular – whilst also offering constant hope through light that emerges across the horizons. In addition to the choice of subject matter and colour to portray particular emotions, the frame itself is explored as a constraint to our visibility – convincing us that what we see within the frame is the beginning and end of the image.  The viewer is encouraged to see outside of the framed image – to imagine what is not only beyond the horizon but to imagine the possibilities of looking around the corner, trying a different direction

and exploring what can’t be seen.

 Some of the works remain available through Clarendon Fine Art

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