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"For me, beauty is infinite"


I feel that I can't help but find happiness within the situations around me, within nature and bringing that to the canvas brings me immense joy.  I’m inspired by everything that's around me, painting in my head every waking minute of my life.


What I saw and how I remember it all becomes a blur - and what guides me is the sensorial experience of it all which I convey in the final image.

The departure point, for my work is always a place of happiness and I paint almost in an unconscious way. The only thing that is conscious somehow, and at the forefront of my mind when I'm painting is the colour choice and the where I make the mark.


The infinity symbol is in my pieces, representing this concept of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound an d how I honour my muse, beauty.


What excites me is the infinite beauty out there in the world that I have yet to discover.

Michael F Rumsby (b. 1968, Suffolk) Following a successful corporate career working with multi-national brands including L’Oreal and The Body Shop, Rumsby became a full-time artist in 2013.  He has exhibited extensively around the world including The Oberoi Centre and Arabian Ranches in Dubai, Chapel Gallery in the UK, Majilis Gallery in Dubai, Whitewall and Clarendon Fine Art across the gallery’s network of London spaces and, since February this year, in Conneticut, USA. His work is held in corporate and private collections and he has exhibited work at the British Polo Day in Dubai and the Park Hyatt hotel. Rumsby lives with his husband, Lee McNeal, in the Southwest of France where they run a successful boutique hotel (, catering for an international crowd of guests, and where they host several expressive painting courses in the summer months.

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