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Winter/Spring 2023


2020 REVIEW:  2022 was a fabulous year in so many ways!  It was good for the hospitality part of our business in SW France to be fully up and running again.

Two solo shows at Clarendon Fine Art in London were a great success and working with the support of the wonderful team at Clarendon as well as our media savvy PR team we were able to really start to dial up the noise around my journey and the work I'm creating.

ATTITUDE MAGAZINE TRAILBLAZERS 2023 AWARD: In December, our collaboration with the Attitude Magazine Foundation that we announced last year started to pay dividends with the creation of funds for some wonderful LGBTQ+ charities across the UK.  I'm also very proud to announce that on 10th February I was named as the Business Leader recipient of Attitude Magazine's 101 Trailblazers 2023. This honour is in recognition of the journey I have made from the corporate world to becoming an increasingly recognised artist on the world stage.  We'll be doing more with Attitude Magazine throughout 2023.

THE YEAR AHEAD: I'll also be holding my next major solo show at Clarendon Fine Art, Chelsea in May 2023 with the Private View scheduled for 16th May.  This show will celebrate the scenery of my life in 2022 when we got to enjoy a number of amazing trips, not least to Asia where I drew huge inspiration from some of the landscapes and personal stories I encountered.

You can read more about my painting practice in Trebuchet Magazine or listen to my podcast with journalist, Bob Chaundy in Considering Art.




The final calendar of events for our summer season 2023 at The 1500, SW FRANCE ( is now available and we are looking forward to our three residential and non-residential Art & Wine retreats.

We still have a few spaces available. Dates as follows:

June 26-28

July 20-27

September 2-9

Contact us for details 



I've always believed that business can can be a force for good.  So as I begin to see increased success as an artist, I'm keen to use my gift to give back to communities I care about.  


I'm therefore really thrilled to announce an ongoing collaboration with the Attitude Magazine Foundation.  




You can view my previous interviews and catalogues at Clarendon's website or Instagram pages, as well as on You Tube.

Clarendon Fine Art is part of Demontfort Fine Art, the UK's leading international publisher and distributor of original paintings and collectable limited editions. 

You can view my work at a number of Clarendon's galleries across the UK or by contacting the Mayfair Gallery at 46 Dover Street, London W1S 4FF.

+44 20 7499 0947

Vive ut Vivas 

Clarendon Fine Art & Attitude Magazine

More than 250 of London's finest turned out to soak up the party atmosphere in Mayfair for the opening of Vive ut Vivas.  The event, hosted by Clarendon Fine Art and Attitude Magazine raised much needed funds for the Attitude Magazine Foundation in support of LGBTQ+ causes.  In particular, I asked that funds be channelled Switchboard LGBTQ+ who do such wonderful work across the UK to help those in need of a listening ear and a bit of direction in life.  


The event showcased 25 new works that take us on the very personal journey of a young gay man trapped in childhood and young adulthood where the social barriers of the '80s and '90s in rural England were too great to cross.  Some of the works remain available through Clarendon Fine Art.

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